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Winter Solstice *infused with biodegradable glitter*

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The Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year with the fewest hours of daylight. It occurs once a year in December and marks the start of the astrological winter season. For centuries cultures around the world have celebrated the winter solstice with celebrations of light, often incorporating the use of candles, costumes, decorative lights, fire and natural greenery and varying traditions and spiritual practices all over the globe. The winter solstice symbolizes the earths rebirth, after the darkest hours of the year the sun will be born again and rise into the sky. It’s powerful symbolism for hope, light, and fertility of the earth.

This candle was designed to help you celebrate the solstice in whatever way personally speaks to you. Adorned with a raw white carnelian a beautiful orange stone that literally visually looks like fire and light. Carnelian is known for its warm energy, promoting courage, and physical energy. It’s a stone often associated with fiery energy, fertility, and life, as well as love passion and confidence. It’s the perfect stone for this time of the year when the days grow darker, and the earth is renewed.


White carnelian comes in different forms. Some stones are more white, some more earth toned and some more fiery orange and red. Many of them are a mix of the 3. The stone you will get when ordering will be an intuitive pick. Each candle is truly unique, so you are getting a one-of-a-kind piece. In addition to the carnelian this candle is also adorned with orange lily (tiger lily) which symbolizes courage and confidence. This limited-release candle is also infused with biodegradable glitter so it looks pure white when it arrives but once you burn it and it turns liquid the wax shimmers!


Top Notes: Rosemary
Middle: Sage & Cedar
Bottom: Lavender

Botanicals: orange (tiger) lily   


Approximate burn time 50-55hrs

-100% soy
-Phthalate Free
-Crackling wooden wick

 Find the ritual and suggested use here 


Crystals, herbs and botanicals may vary in size, shape and color depending on availability. 

Crystals are intended to remove before first burn to optimize the burn and life of your candle. Apply light pressure and they should pop out to be used for ritual meditation. Candle top will smooth back out when heated. You can also use a spoon to remove after the first burn although not recommended, please be careful they will be hot. NEVER when lit. Directions included with candle. 

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Natanya R Silverman
Yummy Wintry Candle

I lit this candle on the solstice, and it is still adding so much warmth into our home in these cold months. Thank you!