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Crystal Intention Candles

Each intention candles are are thoughtfully handcrafted to assist you in manifesting and connecting with your desired intention. Every detail from the crystals, to scent and botanicals were specifically chosen for each candle to draw in the desired energy. When working to manifest and create, it's important to remember the universe knows best. Don't put pressure on the timeline. Just let go and allow, you'll be amazed how the universe will align you are the right time and place. 

For thousands of years, candles have played an important role in spiritual practice. Candles are a great instrument of spiritual energy and help to create an ambient atmosphere for spiritual practices of all kinds. You can see evidence of this in common uses today: we light candles on birthdays to make a wish, during religious ceremonies, holidays, festivals and celebrations.

How do I use them?

Please refer to this page for the following suggested rituals of intent. However, please be mindful, this ritual is a suggestion. Manifesting is all about tapping into yourself and doing what feels right for you personally. As with any other spiritual practice, your results will depend on how much internal work you choose to do.


  • Remove crystals before the first burn. Apply slight pressure to pop crystals off or quickly heat with a blow dryer or lighter to loosen if needed. NEVER remove crystals while candle is lit. Let the crystals cool on heat resistant surface if you remove after 1st burn. It is important to remove crystals so you get the most optimal burn and life out of your candle. Crystals are meant to keep as palm stones. Please feel free to remove any large dried botanicals as well if you choose. 
  • Light your candle and holding your cooled crystals in your hands. Take several deep breaths in for 3, hold, out for 3. While breathing draw your attention to your third eye, the space between your eyebrows. 
  • Continue breathing to clear your mind until you fall into a comfortable and relaxing rhythm. Once relaxed, think about your intention for your practice today. After a few moments, stop and write it down. 
  • Place this on your alter or somewhere safe away from your candle. Preferably somewhere you will not have to move it for several days. 
  • Hold your crystals or place them on your body. Close your eyes and relax. State your intention out loud or to yourself several times. 
  • If you would like, sit with your eyes closed and visualize the end result of your intention or desire. Try and visualize with as many senses as possible. The more realistic the better. Think about your intention being fulfilled. What do you see, hear, taste, smell, feel? The goal is to get your mind into the state of the wish fulfilled. You want your energy in this moment to match the energy of your future self who has already received this blessing. Continue this for as long as you would like. 
  • Once you are finished. Take several more deep breaths to relax and slowly open your eyes. Place your crystals on top of your paper. I like to end my ritual by placing my hands together in the center of my chest (like a prayer) and offering a word of thanks and gratitude to the universe and myself. Many people use "namaste" which means, "I bow to you," to close their practice but use whatever speaks to you personally. 

Thats it! I recommend leaving the crystals on top of your intention for at least 3 days. You can repeat this mediation and visualization practice as many times as you would like or start from the top with a new intention. You will also want to clear your crystals every so often. This can be done with palo santo wood, selenite, or simply running water or moonlight. Please browse our shop for clearing bundles if you desire.