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The Protection candle was handcrafted to assist you in warding off any negative energy and preventing you from absorbing unwanted energy from others around you. The protection candle helps to clear your energy and the energy within your space. Use any time you want to feel more grounded, protected, and supported. Everything from the crystals to the scent were chosen to help elevate your ability to connect with this intention. 

Crystals- Remove before burning

Tourmaline: A powerful protection stone, tourmaline will help ground you to the earth, improve focus and reduce anxiety. It can help shield you from absorbing and holding on to negative emotions from both yourself and others. It is also said to be able to help you clear repetitive or obsessive thought patterns so you can draw in light and replace them with better feeling thoughts and emotions.

Fluorite: Fluorite comes in a variety of colors from purple, to blue to green, yellow and sometimes a mix of them all in one stone. Fluorite is known for its ability to balance extremes. It’s also said to be a great stone to guide you through dream states and promotes beautiful and happy dreams. Enhances color and vibrance and helps you remember your thoughts from a lucid dream state, It helps tune you in to sense when you are being manipulated, controlled, or guided in a negative way. Fluorite is an excellent stone to use when you want to protect your body and mind from outside influence.


Top Notes: Frankincense
Middle: Heliotrope & Myrrh  
Bottom: Patchouli 

Botanicals: blue butterfly pea flower  


Approximate burn time 50-55hrs

-100% soy
-Phthalate Free
-Crackling wooden wick

 Find the ritual and suggested use here 


Crystals, herbs and botanicals may vary in size, shape and color depending on availability. 

Crystals are intended to remove before first burn to optimize the burn and life of your candle. Apply light pressure and they should pop out to be used for ritual meditation. Candle top will smooth back out when heated. You can also use a spoon to remove after the first burn although not recommended, please be careful they will be hot. NEVER when lit. Directions included with candle. 

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