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The grounding candle was handcrafted to assist you in connecting with your root chakra. Use any time you want to feel more connected to your center and the earth. Everything from the crystals to the scent were chosen to help elevate your ability to connect with this intention. 

Crystals- Remove before burning

Smokey Quartz: Helps to ground you and assist you to release negative energy to heal and let go of bad experiences. This crystal will connect you with your root chakra and the earths energy. 

Red Jasper: Like smokey quartz this stone helps connect you to your root chakra and the earth. Promotes the release of negative energy and helps to give you courage in difficult situations. This stone will offer protection and helps you gain insight into difficult situations.


Top Notes: bergamot, spices, orange 
Middle: cedar leaf, herbs, lavender, eucalyptus, violet 
Bottom: smoked tonka, vanilla, glowing embers 

Botanicals: Rose petals


Approximate burn time 50-55hrs

-100% soy
-Phthalate Free
-Crackling wooden wick

Find suggested use and ritual here 


Crystals, herbs and botanicals may vary in size, shape and color depending on availability. 

Crystals are intended to remove before first burn to optimize the burn and life of your candle. Apply light pressure and they should pop out to be used for ritual meditation. Candle top will smooth back out when heated. You can also use a spoon to remove after the first burn although not recommended, please be careful they will be hot. NEVER when lit. Directions included with candle. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cant get enough

I purchased this candle at the salt cave in Scituate. The scent is amazing, and is noticeable even when not burning. The wooden wicks can be tricky to use, that would be my only criticism.

Jeanne-Marie Doten
Excellent gift!!!

I recently received this beautiful candle for my birthday and can honestly say I am more than pleased with not only the craftsmanship of the product, but the thought that went into making such an exquisite candle. The combination of notes in this particular *Grounding* candle is incredible and was chosen particularly for me because a lot of the same fragrances represented are often ones I wear on a daily basis in my own parfums. I cannot express how much I am enjoying the longevity and quality of this product and will definitely purchase this again for myself and look into the other candles as well in the future, for myself and for presents.

Natanya R Silverman
A delicious gift!

I purchased the Grounding candle as a gift for my soon-to-be mother-in-law and she absolutely loved the inviting scent and crystal combination. Thank you!


This candle is beautiful in every way- the appearance, the smell & the light feeling it evokes. Do yourself a favor - buy it!

Lauren Rosenquist
great candle

Gave this as a Christmas gift this year and they absolutely loved it!