Calm and Balance

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The calm and balance candle was handcrafted to assist you in connecting to your third eye chakra, throat and crown chakra. Use any time you want to feel more tranquil, level headed and relaxed. Everything from the crystals to the scent were chosen to help elevate your ability to connect with this intention. 

Crystals- Remove before burning

Amethyst: Connects to your crown chakra to bring peace to your mind. Amethyst helps to relieve stress, fear, anxiety, and pain. Amethyst is a healing stone and helps to promote a neutralized state of mind. 

Angelite: Connects to your throat, third eye, and crown chakra. Promotes a peaceful, soothing energy that is calming and balances these chakras. Angelite helps you connect to your spiritual awareness. It also aids in reducing overwhelming feelings and emotions.

or (depending on availability of stones)

Celestite (in 2023 candles): Connects to your throat and crown chakra. Increases mindfulness, psychic abilities and helps with angelic connection. Celestite is a cleansing and purifying and promotes a sense of calm. Sometimes referred to as the cosmic teacher or teacher of the new age. 


Top Notes: White tea, jasmine
Middle: lavender 
Bottom: warm amber 

Botanicals: lavender 


Approximate burn time 50-55hrs

-100% soy
-Phthalate Free
-Crackling wooden wick

 Find the ritual and suggested use here 


Crystals, herbs and botanicals may vary in size, shape and color depending on availability. 

Crystals are intended to remove before first burn to optimize the burn and life of your candle. Apply light pressure and they should pop out to be used for ritual meditation. Candle top will smooth back out when heated. You can also use a spoon to remove after the first burn although not recommended, please be careful they will be hot. NEVER when lit. Directions included with candle. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sandra Weston
My favorite candle of all time!

I love this scent so much that I buy the linen spray and use it on my clothing as a perfume. I love supporting small business, but it's even nicer when you're buying high quality products. Jackie does such a great job researching her scents before creating her candles!

Rebecca Baharian
Best Scent Ever

I received a care package including the Calm Room Spray and the matching candle for Christmas. It is absolutely the best scent and product ever. I will never purchase another Yankee Candle for the rest of my life. The candle life is long and the scent itself is refreshing and not perfume-like at all. Recommend 100%!

Colleen Oneil
My favorite scent!

I am obsessed with this candle and scent. It is so beautiful to display and the calm + balance scent is seriously unmatched.

Kayla Fournier

Amazing! Love everything about them 💕